Year 4/5  36 individual games

A Homeworking system where each stage and all games are matched to the New National Curriculum (2014):

Key Stage 1 and 2 and elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



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P19   Treasure Trove - Co-ordinates


P20   Towering Totals - Addition & subtraction of decimals


P21   Measuring Mamba - Units of length, equivalent values, using decimals


P22   Carroll Diagram Dice Challenge - Statistics, multiples, addition, subtraction,

iiiiiiiiiimultiplication, division


P23   Get Set - Venn diagrams, multiples of 2, 3 & 5


P24   Weighing Things Up - Comparing, adding, subtracting metric units of mass


P25   Towering Total 2 - Addition and subtraction of 4 digit numbers


P26   Combination - Multiplication


P27   Angling with a Difference - Acute, obtuse & right angles


P28   Find a Factor - Factors, prime numbers


P29   Amazing Multiples - Multiples


P30   Hopping Mad - One hundred less, one thousand more


P31   Fraction Feast - Fractions


P32   Desert Island - Analogue time


P33   Rabbit Race - More/less,odd/even,multiples,4 rules,decimals,factors


P34   Rally Driver - Division with remainders


P35   Be a Star - Counting on in steps of 0.2 & back in steps of 0.1


P36   Roman Snakes & Ladders - Reading Roman numerals to 100

P1     Quick Thinking - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


P2     Magic 22 - Creating and adding 2 digit numbers, division of htu


P3     Money Maze - Adding 3 amounts, money notation


P4     Would You Believe It? - 4 digit numbers, +, -, doubling, halving


P5     Multiple Maze - Multiples


P6     Robot Digitizer - 3 digit numbers, addition, subtraction


P7     Lucky Numbers - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


P8     Knight versus Dragon - Maths challenges (number, money, geometry,     iiiiiiiiiimeasures)


P9     Dangerous Division - Division with remainders


P10   Alien Challenge - Addition & subtraction of 2 digit numbers, x by 10


P11   Pick a Path - Addition of decimals, kilometres


P12   Pocket Money Millionaire - Addition & subtraction of money


P13   Dicing with Decimals - Place value to 2 decimal places


P14   Magic Potion - Units of capacity, equivalent values, using decimals


P15   Cake Competition - Units of mass, equivalent values


P16   Goal! - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


P17   Buzz - 2D & 3D shapes


P18   Football Frenzy - Co-ordinates

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