Reception/Year 1  36 individual games

A Homeworking system where each stage and all games are matched to the New National Curriculum (2014):

Key Stage 1 and 2 and elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



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Teachers Reference   Pack Outline - Reception/Year 1

P1     Fun with Five A - Numbers to 5, Simon Says


P2     Fun with Five B - Numbers to 5, skittles


P3     Monkey Business - Counting, one to one correspondence, up down


P4     Time for Bed - Counting, one to one correspondence, up/down


P5     Digit Dominoes - Matching numbers


P6     Terrific Ten A - Numbers to 10, highest/lowest card game


P7     Terrific Ten B - Numbers to 10, shopping with 1p coins


P8     Caterpillars - Matching spots and numbers


P9     Hopping Mad - One more, one less


P10   Going to Granny’s - Describing position


P11   Rollercoaster - More than, less than


P12   Rabbit Race - Matchings dots, numbers, zero, more than, before


P13   Dice Dive - Comparing numbers to find the highest/lowest


P14   Be a Star - Counting on and back


P15   Pairs for Beginners - Matching numbers


P16   Target Practice - Counting on


P17   King of the Castle - One to one correspondence to 10


P18   Up the Wall - Bigger or smaller

P19   Snail Trail - Matching numbers


P20   What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? - One to one correspondence, reading numbers


P21   Goldilocks and the 3 Bears - Big, medium or small


P22   Dinosaur Dominoes - Matching


P23   Follow the Shape - Matching numbers


P24   Make the Match - Matching numbers


P25   Be a Builder - Following instructions, position vocabulary


P26   Card Bingo - Matching numbers, shapes and colours


P27   Cyril the Squirrel - Counting


P28   Spin a Web - Greater than


P29   Run, run as fast as you can - One to one correspondence, strategy game


P30   Jackpot - Counting


P31   Yacht Race - One to one correspondence, counting


P32   Ten Green Bottles - Ordering numbers 1-10


P33   Airshow - Counting


P34   Countdown - Counting backwards


P35   Build a Snowman - Following instructions, position


P36   Tick Tock - O’clock, counting

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