What is included?


Each pack contains 36 games, each game comes with the equipment the game needs (except things you would find lying around the house. Paper, pencils etc) and a zip wallet to keep everything together to stop things from getting lost.


A materials required sheet which tells you what equipment each games uses.


A teacher’s reference sheet which tells you what each game is teaching.


A set of record sheets so you can keep track of who has used which games.


Placing an Order

The easiest way to place an order is to fill in the order form, replacement order form and email it to

Just provide a delivery address, a purchase order number (if you have one) and we will send out the order as soon as we can.


Delivery Times/Cost

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. We will dispatch the games as soon as we can but unforeseen delays and busy periods can slow the delivery. Delivery charge is £9 +VAT per box and we can fit up to 4 packs in a single box. Please be aware then when we fill a box it can weigh up to 20kg.


Purchase Order Number

Please check if your school uses PO numbers before ordering. We do not need a PO number in order to process an order. Increasingly however, councils are insisting that we have one on any invoice we produce.


Damaged/Lost Games

Damaged and lost games can be replaced. Each individual game costs £5.10 +VAT. For this, you get the game, zip wallet and the equipment it uses. P&P varies depending on quantity ordered starting from £2+VAT


I Have Two of the Same Game in my Pack...

Every game in the system is unique. There are a few games which look similar and play the same but they will use different numbers or equipment so while they play the same they are teaching different skills.


My Game Has No Instructions/Game Board

Not every game has a game board to go with it, see the sample game as an example of this. There are a few games which have no instruction sheet. If you look at the game board and read what it says you will realise the instructions are part of the game itself. This is the case with the following games: Year 1/2 Orange P14/P19, Year 2/3 P9, Year 3/4 P14/P15, Year 4/5 P4/P6/P10.